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อันตราย, ค่าเสียหาย, ความเสียหาย, ผลเสียหาย, เรื่องเสียหายบุบสลาย, ฉิบหาย, บู้, บรรลัย, ส่ำเสีย, ทำให้แตกหัก, ทำให้เสียหาย, ทำให้ได้รับอันตราย, เป็นภัย
Damage :
- ความเสียหายdamageableได้รับความเสียหายค่าเสียหายเป็นอันตราย

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Noun(1) the occurrence of a change for the worse(2) loss of military equipment(3) the act of damaging something or someone(4) the amount of money needed to purchase something(5) any harm or injury resulting from a violation of a legal right
Verb(1) inflict damage upon(2) suffer or be susceptible to damage

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(1) Suspected items are not to be used as weapons or to cause bodily harm or damage to personal property in any way.(2) Some are unhappy at the possibility of a highly geared offer that could damage the value of their investments.(3) drugs can damage the brain(4) it'll damage your health(5) The misery and human damage our policies have inflicted on some people will never be undone.(6) Does he not see the inner torment and psychological damage this is causing me?(7) US Army Air Corps officers believed that bomb damage resulted primarily from blast effects.(8) bomb damage(9) he didn't suffer any permanent damage(10) Apart from a few bruises, we arrived in Hobart with no injuries and no damage to the yacht.(11) The move is to prevent vandals from causing further damage to the property.(12) The organization needs to be punished both in the courts and at the ballot box and if this happens then there will be no lasting damage to the peace process.(13) However, we are concerned about the psychological damage you have inflicted on your victims.(14) flood damage(15) In addition to being fatal in large enough doses, paracetamol can cause permanent damage to the liver.(16) there was thousands of euro worth of damage
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Different Forms
damage, damageable, damaged, damages, damaging
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