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คำที่เขียนเหมือนกัน, คำพ้องรูป
Homograph :
- คำพ้องรูปhomographs

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Noun(1) two words are homographs if they are spelled the same way but differ in meaning (e.g. fair

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(1) Identification and explanation: The homograph ÔÇÿheadÔÇÖ can be interpreted as a noun meaning either chief or the anatomical head of a body.(2) They may, however, be put off by homographs and polysemous words, such as the various uses of ÔÇÿbankÔÇÖ and ÔÇÿcraneÔÇÖ.(3) The target pool consisted of 100 homographs divided into 20 sets of 5 each.(4) But there are huge numbers of homophones that are also homographs : pen ÔÇÿwriting implementÔÇÖ, pen ÔÇÿenclosure for animalsÔÇÖ, and pen ÔÇÿpenitentiaryÔÇÖ, to choose a textbook example.(5) Other homographs have known to cause problems even for native speakers.(6) The book ignores such words as ball, bound, and plane, which are both homophonic and homographic .(7) A number of words were tagged in the texts to separate homographs , so that ÔÇÿwillÔÇÖ is separated into verb and noun forms, ÔÇÿthatÔÇÖ into conjunctive, relative and demonstrative ones, and so on.(8) Homographic puns make use of multiple meanings from a single spelling (e.g., ÔÇÿpenÔÇÖ for writing instrument or animal enclosure).
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Different Forms
homograph, homographs
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