English to Thai Meaning :: pantheon

โบสถ์ของเทพเจ้าทั้งหลาย, โบสถ์เพ็นธีอ็อน
Pantheon :
- โบสถ์ของเทพเจ้าทั้งหลายpantheons

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Noun(1) all the gods of a religion(2) a monument commemorating a nation's dead heroes(3) (antiquity

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(1) Johnson reckons there should be a special place reserved for Nairn on any new national pantheon built after Scotland regains its proper statehood.(2) Since then, Chan has become a part of the nationwide pop culture pantheon .(3) Either path could secure his position at the very top of the all time cycling pantheon .(4) T-Stew is a rare talent, race fans, and he's quickly driving his way into the pantheon of the all-time greats - the place where Petty, Pearson and Earnhardt all reside.(5) the deities of the Hindu pantheon(6) This is a proposal to create an AosdÔö£├¡na-style pantheon to honour major artists - although even here there is confusion over whether this should be an initiative to help up-and-coming artists.(7) The merging of local deities into a larger national deity and the incorporation of foreign deities into a specific pantheon were not limited to Egypt.(8) In this case, Ur-Nammu refers specifically to Nanna, the patron deity of Ur - as well as the other leading deities of the Sumerian pantheon .(9) It is populated by a pantheon of upper-middle class aesthetes, running the full gamut from self-indulgence to self-pity, gold-digging doctors and junkie beggars.(10) The Tuath De Danaan in fact comprise most of the Celtic pantheon - Lugh, the Celtic version of Lucifer - is revered, and is also a bringer of light.(11) Bottero's concise explanation of henotheism clarifies how a pantheon , with its bewildering myriad of gods, becomes personalised through personal preference for a single deity.(12) How wonderful to welcome countertenors into this elite vocal pantheon , and especially Taylor, who is definitely among the very best.(13) As virgin patroness of the canons at Chich, Osith here joins a pantheon of elite women, both in terms of her companion texts and the manuscript's users.(14) Heading south to Maui, a different kind of legend reigns: that of the demigod Maui, the only god in the Hawaiian pantheon for whom an island is named.(15) PLAYING MUSICAL instruments is an integral part of any temple festival as musical instruments are attached to several deities in the Hindu pantheon .(16) Let's hope it also restores Sirk's dusty reputation and puts him in the pantheon of all-time great film-makers, where he belongs.
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pantheon, pantheons
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