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Plaque :
- แผ่นโลหะโล่

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Noun(1) (pathology(2) a memorial made of brass

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(1) The picture of his agile shot was published all round the globe and to this day there is a plaque marking the event near the base of the tree.(2) Pericoronitis - an infection of the soft tissue surrounding the tooth, caused by a build of plaque (a sticky white substance that contains bacteria).(3) It is important to remove plaque from the teeth thoroughly twice a day.(4) At the time of the purchase a promise was made that on completion of planting the wood, a plaque showing the location of each tree and the name of the person it was to commemorate would be placed on the site.(5) It occurs when bacterial plaque and food debris accumulate beneath the flap of gum covering the partially erupted tooth.(6) He noted that only a subset of bacteria tend to be dominant in dental plaque .(7) Fermentation of sugars by plaque bacteria causes caries by decalcification and proteolysis of enamel and dentine(8) plaque around gum margins can lead to gingivitis(9) Tooth decay is caused by the bacteria in dental plaque breaking down sugar in the foods and drinks that you eat and drink.(10) Bacteria in plaque around teeth metabolize sugars rapidly, creating local areas of high acidity which erode tooth enamel.(11) The Cincfleet Admiral took the salute and unveiled a plaque to commemorate the event.(12) There is a plaque on this wall commemorating the successful Stuart expedition as you can see at right.(13) Mechanical oral care involves removal of plaque by tooth brushing and/or rinsing of the oral cavity.(14) The kick off is at 2pm where a plaque to commemorate the event will be unveiled.(15) Most people have irregularities in their teeth where plaque can accumulate out of reach and harden into tartar.(16) For Ôö¼├║10 per tree, the donor's name will be inscribed on a plaque in the wood and also included in a time capsule to be buried there.
Related Words
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Different Forms
plaque, plaques
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