English to Thai Meaning :: recant

ปฏิเสธ, ยกเลิก, กลับคำ, ถอนคำพูด, ประกาศเลิก, คืนคำ
Recant :
- ถอนคำพูดละทิ้งrecantingrecants

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Verb(1) formally reject or disavow a formerly held belief, usually under pressure

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(1) Galileo was forced to recant his assertion that the earth orbited the sun(2) Given the choice to recant , martyrs chose instead to face their murderers and stand in witness to their beliefs.(3) This woman received over 100 phone calls a day, urging her to recant .(4) Court documents and medical records indicate that she would say she was suicidal or that her father beat her, and then she would recant .(5) It is possible that at the approach of senescence he may recant , forgive his enemies, make his peace with the world and become a benevolent father to his nation.(6) He could think of nothing he had ever written that he would not eagerly recant .(7) heretics were burned if they would not recant(8) Right after saying this, he was taken indoors and told to recant , which he did publicly, an act of humiliation that reinforced his earlier comment.(9) Again I think you spoke in haste, and I hereby give you the opportunity to recant .(10) So far he has failed to recant on his support for the war, despite the absence of those weapons.(11) To his credit, he was quick to recant , offering an unconditional apology.(12) He is getting crosser and crosser with Sir John for failing to recant .(13) And I don't think he has worked with her, ever, so I recant what I said before.(14) If they had any sense of decency they would recant and resign.(15) Galileo Galilei, the most prominent of these, was jailed and forced to recant that the earth revolved around the sun.(16) Some of their key witnesses are dead, others are badly discredited and still others have recanted .
1. renounce ::
2. change one's mind ::
3. retract ::
4. abjure ::
Different Forms
recant, recanted, recanting, recants
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