English to Thai Meaning :: smoke

หมอก, เขม่า, ควัน, ควันไฟคุ, สุมควัน, พ่นควันออกมา, สูบบุหรี่, รมควัน, คุกรุ่น, ลนควัน, สูบยา
Smoke :
- ควันรมควันไม่มีควันสูบบุหรี่สโมคกี้

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Noun(1) a cloud of fine particles suspended in a gas(2) a hot vapor containing fine particles of carbon being produced by combustion(3) an indication of some hidden activity(4) something with no concrete substance(5) tobacco leaves that have been made into a cylinder(6) street names for marijuana(7) the act of smoking tobacco or other substances(8) (baseball
Verb(1) inhale and exhale smoke from cigarettes, cigars, pipes(2) emit a cloud of fine particles

Show Examples

(1) we will fire the roof and smoke him out(2) A regular smoker says that the cigar smoke has to be savoured by rolling in the mouth rather than inhaling it.(3) Although I was trying to quit smoking, the beer gave me a bad craving and when Mike went for a smoke , I followed and asked to bum one.(4) Owners were given until 1 July 1910 to service their vehicles to ensure that the machines did emit dense smoke .(5) He said, ÔÇÿYou are a big lad so if you move I'll smoke youÔÇÖ.(6) Cigarette smoke contains a range of xenobiotics, including oxidants and free radicals that can increase lipid peroxidation.(7) And he tells us to smoke him. [Intel] would tell the Lieutenant that he had to smoke the prisoners and that is what we were told to do.(8) bonfire smoke(9) Or do they use of gas or smoke to try to smoke these people out ?(10) "I came to smoke and talk with my cousin," said Slim Coyote, "so give me a smoke while I'm waiting. He won't mind, he's my cousin."(11) Choking acrid smoke from the burning building engulfed nearby streets and flames could be seen leaping high into the sky.(12) When she reaches the end of the stage, billows of smoke emit from the dragons' mouths, and the audience oohs and aahs.(13) I'm dying for a smoke(14) Siva's devotees are forbidden to smoke , chew tobacco or inhale snuff.(15) There aren't too many girls out here on terrain, so it makes me happy when I see a girl that can easily smoke the boys.(16) Five men were led to safety from the upstairs of an Indian restaurant to save them from thick smoke pouring from a burning extractor unit.
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Different Forms
smoke, smoked, smokeless, smokes, smokey, smoking
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