English to Thai Meaning :: zealot

คนกระตือรือร้น, คนคลั่ง
Zealot :
- คนคลั่งหัวรุนแรง

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Noun(1) a member of an ancient Jewish sect in Judea in the first century who fought to the death against the Romans and who killed or persecuted Jews who collaborated with the Romans(2) a fervent and even militant proponent of something

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(1) The Religious zealot vehemently opposes curiosity or concern for anyone outside their circle.(2) People said he didn't support faith, an interesting claim since Democrats labeled him a religious zealot .(3) When he talks about the case, he sounds less like a zealous advocate than a political zealot .(4) The Jewish Zealots at Massada committed suicide rather than be defeated and taken into slavery by the Romans.(5) The religious zealots see rai music as the apotheosis of a secular culture they consider lewd and impious.(6) Creationism often conjures visions of religious zealots who believe the book of Genesis verbatim.(7) The Zealots were leading members of the revolt against Rome in 66-70 AD and at Masada they committed suicide rather than surrender to the Roman Tenth Legion.(8) The Mater zealots have created an ideal opportunity for change.(9) There will never be a time for reason when religious zealots believe they have control of this country.(10) Do religious zealots regularly cry ÔÇÿscumÔÇÖ when they pass him by on the street?(11) The conversation was taking on the kind of circularity I've experienced in arguments with religious zealots .(12) Both appear to agree that religious zealots should be regarded as the authentic voice of their faith.(13) Indeed through history there have been religious wars where zealots have perpetrated atrocities in the name of their religion.(14) His friend Judas urges him to join the cause of the Zealots , rebels against Roman occupation.(15) Replacing the zealotry of religious intolerance with a secular version is hardly an enlightened alternative.(16) He says there have always been religious zealots , but modern technology has given them a lethal capacity.
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Different Forms
zealot, zealots
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