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The President in his pellucidly written and cogently argued letter on quality and access observed that the question raised by our needblind admissions policy is both an ethical and a practical one That is a perennial weakness of princes a penchant for falsehearted favourites There was a plethora of images and faces that one would recall in vacant or in pensive mood He was not a povertystricken peasants son looking to escape penury This man is part of history and his observations were perceptive wise eloquent witty and charming Both judges and percipients may detect creases marks smudges temperature differences or other artifacts that result if actual targets have been handled and then mixed in with targets from a pool for judging This breeze reeked of the incense cast upon the brazier of such sulfurous content to seem as though spewed from the bowels of perdition At the first sound of her peremptory voice and click of the stiletto heels people dart behind doors and douse the lights Few scholars of our time have so exemplified the permanent student and perennial teacher With possible political perfidy such a hot topic at Westminster it is with perfect timing that the Lyceum and Citizens theatres bring two of Englands great plays of history and politics to the stage This has resulted in a perfunctory cleanup of the area and a discussion on the lack of funds available to restore the park to an acceptable standard Prior to the building of the Theatre and its successors professional acting in Britain was a largely peripatetic activity Examples of these peripheral devices are singlehanded keyboards lightweight headset pointers and trackballs to replace mice The benefits of the Witness Protection Programme cannot be perceived as encouragement to give perjurious evidence This new form of protectionism has an added pernicious quality It is proposed that in future there should be a statutory rule on perpetuities that applies only to specified interests which are essentially only those arising under wills and trusts He spoke clearly and personably and I felt immediately that I would have voted for him In Matthew Jesus is the fulfillment and personification of Torah the fully faithful Child whom God had desired in Israel
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