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:: You can press the up and down arrows repeatedly to cycle through the commands that youve already typed in:: Since you play in hands of five you must eliminate two cards from the deck to have an even number of ten hands:: Rather than dumping its stock of surplus Jeeps into Manila Bay the American authorities released them to civilians:: Its 120 clients include leading stockbrokers and financial services firms who pay an annual fee:: American capitalism began with English colonial policy which established basically free markets internally combined with mercantilistic regulations to control international trade:: A Swedish salesman Persson was touring the US when he discovered an unusual store that turned over its merchandise quickly and sold it inexpensively:: Because cooperation was legal there was less pressure for industrywide mergers :: No money was available to cover pay rises and if increases were given jobs could be lost:: I found no maladministration in the committees actions:: The band will soon be releasing a live album which will be well worth the investment :: As the representative body of the British Jewish community we have received a number of complaints about it from Jewish people in many parts of the world:: she trusted him without reserve:: The bulb would get progressively dimmer and finally go out once the capacitor reached its capacity :: The Pentagon says the incentive package is worth 168 million over three years:: Obviously Fletcher has a knack for creating a useful product that fits a niche in the market:: civil partner:: The professional side of the partnership meant she got to play leads in the kind of action movies Harlin is known for which is rare for a woman:: He decided to publish a book of his various works after assembling a portfolio that spans several decades and several coasts:: Use permanent markers to avoid smudging and place a sheet of ruled paper underneath so that the writing is evenly spaced:: hes on the morning shift:: The event has been organised by marketing agency Food from Britain in conjunction with Selfridges:: The actualization of motion through an aspect of the detached agent takes place when the detached agent originates an effect in the thing it sets in motion:: Indeed the cynical may argue that in winning each of their last four games by less than a single score and an aggregate of a mere 14 points Wharfedale are struggling at the top:: Ill usually bolt out of bed and stumble around as if drunk in an effort to find the obnoxious noise and shut it off:: If there were no one parent families average family incomes would be much higher:: The City of York has produced some of the regions wealthiest working tycoons a new survey has revealed
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