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:: A very successful wellsupported December fundraiser had left the coffers in a healthy state and the club has been able to affiliate to the Federation and pay its insurance:: Laois County Council has established a literature award to mark the annual Bealtaine Literature Festival which is now in its eight year:: Eileens bubbly personality makes her an ideal candidate for setting up such a group:: But the fight was stopped by the referee after conferring with the ringside physician at the conclusion of the round:: She looked ahead and saw Llewellyn sitting at a desk writing something:: This movie didnt really need a script doctor but an acting coach sure wouldnt have hurt:: Some or all of the claimants entered into conditional fee agreements with their solicitors after they had been refused legal aid:: One man a large fellow with arms like steel girders stormed towards them demanding to know what they were doing:: Her hair was pinned in yesterdays curlers and her bathrobe hung limply around her like a dirty gown :: Road construction has changed the hill grade from 115 per cent to eight:: Rinse flask with small portions of nonsaturated acetonitrile and transfer rinsings to the graduate with disposable pipette until 5 ml is collected:: Upon graduation she plans to pursue a career in academic librarianship:: Judging form the light it was about mid afternoon when the door at the end of the hall rattled open and a man came walking up the corridor heels clicking against concrete:: Lets have a twoweek break and go on holiday next January:: This important book is a major contribution to an understanding of British politics and the way it developed:: I knew all of the cartoons by heart and pretty much memorized the text which was also excellent:: We dont want to be pigeonholed as being value or growth investors:: Under Henry VIII Cheke was tutor to Prince Edward who as Edward VI gave him land a knighthood and the provostship of Kings College Cambridge he was also member of Parliament clerk to the council and secretary of state:: audit report:: The view of many of my academic colleagues seems to be that good scholarship and activism dont mix:: In one hour respite from the hardships of scholastic vocation was so easily achieved:: I asked him how the villages paid for their half of building and supporting a school :: During the yearlong exhibition didactic programs are offered for schoolchildren :: It is quite clear that teachers education and schooling have received a raw deal from popular cinema which tends toward the negative and derogatory in its representations:: Individual schoolmistresses and teachers in the academies and seminaries that proliferated in Alexandria during the antebellum period offered instruction in a wide range of useful and ornamental subjects:: Tromping over to the side of the schoolyards the kid leaned against a tree and folded his arms scanning the terrain for prey:: The book has lessons for the new field of conservation medicine veterinary science applied to wild populations:: The three rings score 5 10 or 15 points if the disk lands within them respectively
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