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:: Perhaps the most poignant thing about yesterdays ceremony was that the ability to fulfil that promise had been demonstrated even before the vow was taken:: Even within the marital context they work to limit the husbands authority:: they carry all the blame:: Mama was next pulling Riley into a deep embrace :: Despite its pedigree the company spluttered through its first two years:: The new circle is bigger than Seahenge and has been interpreted as the remains of a Bronze Age burial mound:: Once upon a time in a park not very far from your house there was a little brown bunny with a fluffy white tail:: In this study we measured the strategyspecific foraging traits of gerbils under both laboratory conditions and in the field:: An ongoing evaluation of effectiveness requires reassessment at regular intervals to rethink medication regimens in light of changes in the health status of geriatric patients:: The Applicant in that case questioned the testamentary capacity of the deceased person:: Wind up the mobile hang it to the side of the crib instead of directly overhead and Baby will turn his head to the side while he dozes off:: At university the weekly karaoke in the students union was dominated by people who thought they were on Pop Idol and were there for only one reason to be the best singer and win the crate of lager:: There are a few exceptions to this pattern most famously in seahorses where females have an ovipositor which places unfertilized ova into the males pouch for insemination:: Associated with the element of fire and the sun in astrology the plant was often used in floral oracle readings:: It is somewhat ironic that the last great monument of the house of Wessex was mainly a product of Norman culture:: The band has been together since 1999 and was started up by Thomas Watts and Ryan Mucha:: God forbid if any pushchairs or Zimmer frames attempted to get past us:: There are multiple advantages of knowing if a fetus is affected prenatally :: I had a foster brother and sister and my family was perfect:: Miranda was the true career woman so they picked her to get pregnant and look how miserable theyve made her:: And in any case polyandry is certainly not the ideal for Indian womanhood :: This is a major operation in which the cervix and womb are removed:: Who knew drinking out of a baby bottle could be so much fun:: In a wetsump engine a shorter stroke also cuts down on oilpressure problems caused by windage and oil aeration:: Young girls dressed in thighhigh skirts and midriff shirts push their babies in strollers :: Now she was pregnant too young to be legally married and some difficult decisions would have to be made:: Three teenage boys had their legs waxed in front of hundreds of their school pals to raise money for premature babies:: She gave me a thin smile and turned back to whatever she was doing:: a shower of stones
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