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:: Placing each channel inside each of the symmetrical apses on the ceiling and another on the roof truss the performances would then take on specific tonal characteristics for each room:: The tubes were floated in 57 L plastic aquaria receiving flowthrough sea water pumped directly from the ocean:: The Dixieland Jazz Band played background music while people browsed the arcade s shops including a hair salon a home furnishing shop and a travel agents:: She wanted her to grow up in a nice house with a backyard so she could play:: a gypsy caravan:: I would only be inflicting my germs all over you and giving you a bad chest :: We believe that if he is consecrated the unity of the Church of England and Anglican Communion will be disrupted:: It would solve real problems energy conservation sickbuilding syndrome resource depletion:: Volunteers used an overhead crane that had been left in the space to rig the theatrical lighting:: With rising costs of timber and skilled labour hard to find woodcarvings have become expensive and the exclusive realm of the rich:: More often workers and union committeemen verbally abused or threatened their foremen and supervisors:: In the fifteen years Ive gardened in the desert I have yet to find a variety of tomato meant for freshoffthevine eating that produces as reliably and abundantly as this classic example of a hybrid plant variety:: The ancient Greeks adorned important buildings with gargoyles to throw water away from the foundations:: Large stones have been carefully arranged to sit like islands in the immaculately raked gravel :: The graveyard was used from the beginning as poor people who went to the workhouse couldnt afford to be buried in the church graveyards :: The rise of the indoor soccer centre may not after all be behind the sharp decline in park football:: The howling sent numerous shivers down his spine but he carried on eager to reach the warmth of the indoors :: Their only chance to get a foot on the property ladder is in places like Carlow:: :: Having gone through different phases of an economic experiment all three models are finally moving toward the path of a free economy:: There is a paved splitlevel patio and a lily pond with two small fountains:: over the years copper pipework corrodes in places:: A pot of tea for Ann and sparkling mineral water for me completed our snack at 815:: Sure it had its elegant aspects like polished oak tables and cabinets and fine material for the rugs and curtains but the room was dull and boring:: Propelled through the air with an accompanying plume of sulphurous smoke yet another lead slug tore through the wooden board which happened to be todays target:: Nonetheless he applauds how Edinburgh and Glasgow have both moved away from traditional jazz in order to encompass wider definitions of the genre:: it fell out the window
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