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บ้าน, บ้านเรือน, ที่พัก, เรือน, บ้านช่อง, หลักแหล่ง, ปิตุภูมิ, เวสน์, ฐาน, ประเทศของต้น, สถานสงเคราะห์, บ้านพักอาศัย, เหย้าเรือน, โอก
Home :
- บ้านhomedไม่มีที่อยู่อาศัยเหมือนบ้านบ้าน

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Noun(1) where you live at a particular time(2) housing that someone is living in(3) the country or state or city where you live(4) (baseball(5) the place where you are stationed and from which missions start and end(6) place where something began and flourished(7) an environment offering affection and security(8) a social unit living together(9) an institution where people are cared for
Verb(1) provide with, or send to, a home(2) return home accurately from a long distance
Adjective(1) used of your own ground(2) relating to or being where one lives or where one's roots are(3) inside the country
Adverb(1) at or to or in the direction of one's home or family(2) on or to the point aimed at(3) to the fullest extent; to the heart

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(1) Carter crossed the line in a time of one hour 51.07 minutes and was followed home by Bevan Docherty.(2) it's the home of my favourite cheese(3) The team must make their home advantage count to get their season back on track.(4) The family returned home on Monday last week at the end of their two-week holiday.(5) The keeper failed to hold on to his drive and Stuart Telfer was on hand to ram home the rebound.(6) Despite the appearance she tries to convey, Nora holds a deep secret that threatens to destroy her happy home .(7) The defendant replied that he did not have the money on him and his wife would not be home until later that night.(8) home number(9) However, Carberry got a sweet tune from Sir Oj and he flew home to snatch the race in the final few strides.(10) Naomi has left the matrimonial home with their children, Olga, aged six, and Poppy, aged four.(11) Kimberley left the matrimonial home on August 1, 2000.(12) it's a home game(13) He really thinks America is the land of the free and the home of the brave.(14) Midfielder Jess then turned in a cross to the near post for Ward to slide home his fourth goal of the season beyond Mart Poom.(15) In terms of sales volume, it currently lies in second place behind the German home market.(16) What we can say, though, is that shares tend to be the best home for long-term investments.
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Different Forms
home, homed, homeless, homelike, homes, homeward, homewards
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