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:: Willie Supple can win aboard Sky Quest in the Eastern Festival Handicap over a distance just short of a mile and a half:: Ive seen with my own eyes people take up four seats the entire aisle and the toilet cubile by strategic placement of a few cases:: The problems encountered include low seating seats are too soft and the chairs dont have armrests to help people get out of them:: To answer your question I think that we should all be very grateful for the modern technology of lead ballast :: Fast moving and reckless these drivers can be found on cars bikes and bicycles:: The carriage was pulled along the cobbled pathway the horses working their way up a slight hill:: Road sweepers were drafted in to clear the carriageway while damaged vehicles were recovered:: More and more people began filling in the elevator pressing April towards the back corner:: Then last year came his trip to Makalu this time a much smaller expedition just six Europeans and some Sherpas bearers:: There was gridlock on some roads when 200000 people converged on RAF Fairford for last summers twoday event:: It is held up with steel hawsers against the storms:: As the street reaches the train station it becomes seedier with fast food joints strip clubs and cheap hostels :: Here the Rendezvous Allegra Hotel offers stylish and cleverly designed accommodation redolent of a selfconfident New York hostelry :: Ed Stewart Radio 2 Disc Jockey has been jaunting off to Pattaya to play golf:: Well be forced then to reevaluate our food systems and place more emphasis on energy efficient agricultural methods like smallerscale organic agriculture and on local production wherever possible:: Originally this line was operated out of Dearborn Station and the mileposts reflect the distance from there:: Waistcoats are everywhere as are moustaches and mufflers pipes and cigarettes:: The piers of roadway overpasses and underpasses tend to have solid cross sections:: I overshot the jump just to see how far I could go and when we measured it it amounted to 21 buses:: Whichever feeling overtakes you its likely to be associated with change:: However his arrival on Capitol Hill is likely to elicit a lukewarm reception :: After just one week here one of our receptionists has said that she wants to do a front office course:: I hated the whole journey there complaining first of seasickness then sickness of riding my horse and finally just plain sickness of travelling:: They told me before they died that they were born by the seaside on the far side of the Ox mountains:: Instead of viaducts and smokestacks the dockside arts complex that bears his name is built with shards of sunlight and steel:: The two of us decided this was a good time to switch roles he would be the hoist operator and I would be the swimmer:: By the classical era the Suns transit through the zodiac sign had taken precedence and Virgo became more directly perceived as a Maiden of fruition through the Harvest:: Free competition in road passenger transport promises travellers a better deal:: Or perhaps unicycles are just not very good prototypes
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