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:: Born and raised on a farm in Minnesota Tritch became an avid sailor on the states many lakes racing sailboats and eventually winding up as the first female commodore of her yacht club:: The rights and wrongs of affecting the public of disrupting ferry sailings and travelling plans for the 3000 people which the port authorities said were due to use the ferryport during the day have been well debated at this stage:: Hamnavoe is a great ship Im not a good sailor but I have never been sick on it yet even in rough weather which was not the case with the Ola:: Indeed as Rogoff suggests abandoning the peg to the dollar could be seen as abandoning Chinas commitment to stable and sustainable macroeconomic growth:: We almost lost the school a few years ago and we do not want to get into that situation again:: Sailors pushed up and down on the oars like a water pump to manoeuvre the boat:: In his opinion it is very important to have on board oars oarlocks a boat hook a good knife a sounder and the mobile phone:: Each boat carries about 120 oarsmen whose commander is sailor sapper swordsman quartermaster and general:: In some places great swathes of hillside have been cut away in the urgency to log timber:: the launch platform:: I realise that I have foyer friends people I regularly meet in theatre foyers and see nowhere else:: Not a large field it was enough Nerger hoped to cause alarm and tie up valuable warships and minesweepers :: Accommodation is in interconnecting rooms kitted out with PlayStations colouring books and minibars full of Ribena:: There are old blue and white minibuses everywhere overflowing with passengers:: How does it go at full throttle from third gear on:: Up to six retailers are attempting to hawk their leases through agents to see if anyone will take over their units:: According to many villagers there were 8 ambulances and four morgue hearses :: a meat chopper:: It is unlikely to realize the articulated policy objectives of the United States in the region and it should be revised to better secure those objectives:: My most impressive dish is an advanced form of bangers and mash using the best sausages by Mr Harris of Tywardreath in Cornwall cooked in cider with apples and bacon:: :: Ponting and Martyn settled in after tea to appear increasingly comfortable with the scoring rate accelerating in direct comparison with the perceived comfort of the batsmen:: One alternative to the typical southern getaway is Europe:: When we met again at a later point in her itinerary I bought cloth that the woman had purchased from a local Ghanaian trader:: Luckily he was wearing a helmet because it was dented when he hit the deck :: The main issue in the dispute is pay equity with deckhands and cooks working on tugboats:: We go ashore by dinghy at a pretty stone jetty surrounded by dense trees and rhododendron bushes:: Research shows a high level of mistakes made by certifiers at all levels of doctors from housemen to consultants and including GPs:: Mr Clouter said three helicopters and a hovercraft then arrived on the scene along with some two dozen police officers
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