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:: One option is to build a coffered ceiling which will raise the ceiling height and allow you to use the hip side as part of the ceiling:: Its not the hair on his chest that socially disadvantages the hirsute man:: His light brown hair which had been clean cut was shaggy now:: He had blurred vision for much of the first half and was left with a bloodshot eye and bruising to his face:: Solar storms tend to occur near sunspots cool regions on the suns surface that appear as dark blotches :: A Western man in the audience could attract as much attention as an erect nipple:: He grabs the shredded pieces of his drawing the blue fox howling at the moon:: :: What made it special was that it had the shape of a human skull on one side of which were small cavities that looked like a pair of sunken eyesockets above a simple mouth:: These supplements should be mainstays for any guy looking to add bulk while keeping off fat :: These two bones together link the leg to the foot at the ankle joint although it is the tibia which carries all the weight:: In this article we have tried to tease the meaning out of just a few of the sounds that have either been ignored or dismissed as relatively unimportant:: Curling is an Institute sport and the curlers are Institute athletes:: I was leaning on him resting my chin on his shoulder his curly grey hair tickling my ear:: It was the image of a man with blue eyes receding auburn hair above the temples and small thin lips:: Tadpoles have no jaws lungs or eyelids and possess a skeleton of cartilage:: Their neutral tone will balance the bright hues of the coolest polo shirts of the season and offset your trendy jeans:: Riding boards in a prone position has been around probably longer than standup surfing:: The prestige of white macho has definitely taken a hit and the resulting sense of loss moves many issues:: Kara told me to suck it up and go and scalp your ticket:: Founded in 1945 Riedell manufactures a complete line of skates including figure hockey speed roller and inline skates:: Shaving and depilatories remain dependable backups but laser hair removal is the most hightech way to zap unwanted hair:: To collect tissue samples for the genetic project I return to the Pennsylvania woods in late summer with John Cancalosi a nature photographer who has decided that snakes are photogenically the new birds:: The lens that picks up the light from the focal point is called the eyepiece lens :: We describe the case of a patient with gastric and duodenal ulcers and gastric endocrine heterotopia:: In fact except for a patina of age that has added a touch of romanticism to its sleek Brassaiset curvaceousness Odeon looks exactly the way it did when it introduced its country salad cassoulet steak frites and lemon tart:: Now a scientist believes male dwarf minke whales may make a scifi sound to attract females:: It was made with natural and synthetic dyes on wool
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