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:: She was a tall woman almost regal looking however under no stretch of the imagination could she be described as pretty although she was handsome :: Clay masks cover similar ground as exfoliators by cleaning pores but they also smooth your skin and dry out pimples :: While its admittedly now associated with all sorts of marvelous memories and history its also taken on the hangdog vibe of the perpetually neglected and unloved:: Her hood had been left back and her glossy raven hair had been tied up with a deep lilac ribbon:: Far from it some locations are ravishingly beautiful:: At times shes a gangling antisocial adolescent and at others a snobbish knowitall but shes always riveting:: Nearly all of his songs have an irresistible rhythm that just compels you to start moving:: I opened my notebook and picked up my favourite black pen and tapped the cap against my teeth thinking about what I wanted to write:: Scientists have long used ultrafine glass tubes known as capillaries to analyze the chemical makeup of substances:: Jones depicts them as disgusted by Evas physicality her uncombed hair and her black femaleness:: The blonde bombshell picked up the wriggling puppy and folded him under her arm:: The receptors have long fused rhabdoms and are surrounded by a tracheal tapetum:: The obsession with svelte figures flies in the face of past beliefs that regarded those who were thin as being unhealthy and malnourished:: Businessmen adjusted their ties women applied makeup and young belles toyed with their locks:: Tuna confit with pork belly and barnaise was another new notion that did not fail:: It was as the Daily Chronicle interviewer was leaving that Khama gently wigged him with humorous but earnest words of warning:: Giggling toddlers play among scrawny chickens and bleating goats:: When Im overly stressed I get patches of psoriasis on my scalp which is embarrassing as it can sometimes give me a dandruffy look in places:: Mind you I wouldnt mind not hearing some of the local ads which can be wincingly bad:: Tires that have a folding or Kevlar bead are lighter and more nimble than those that have steel beads:: He even had the cheek to object when I insisted that it had to be coloured in:: Maybe it would make his cheekbones look sunken and athletic and sexy:: Beef stew uses cuts like chuck blade and shin which have fat that melts into the sauce making it velvety and delicious:: The standing posture is primarily used as a weightbearing activity and for blood pressure regulation:: Medially the fibular facet doubles in width becomes slightly concave with a smoothly rounded raised margin and faces principally dorsolaterally but also slightly proximally:: The bel canto opera repertoire is most closely associated with Bellinis deranged heroines and Donizettis game gamines :: Elaine put the last animal cracker in her mouth and chewed dismally:: Connect the hose to the hose nipple found on the bottom of the faucet
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