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:: The presence of a large number of noncancerous birthmarks may also be a risk factor:: It was covered in black velvet with a blood red rose embroidered on the front and a ribbon of the same colour as the rose tied in a bow at the top:: Most infections are caused by bacteria that live harmlessly in your bowel :: This will then regrow more bushily so that you end up with a square thicker top to the hedge when trimmed at the final height:: The album is rather different from the current crop of pop music:: It increases the fluoride content of the enamel of newly erupted teeth thereby increasing the resistance of these teeth to caries:: Elsewhere various and sundry monsters sea serpents dragons and barebreasted enchantresses were dealt with methodically:: If we want a different eye colour we get coloured contact lenses:: She had black shoulderlength hair with a heavy fringe and a round face with bushy eyebrows :: With scarcely any natural life save for a multitude of rock formations and thin brush the flat dusty wasteland was more of an eyesore than an eyeful :: I grasped the bar tightly in my fists lest I flew off by accident:: That must go as far as not working excessive hours and being fit for the job they are doing at the time:: Indian food is prepared with a variety of spices including cumin turmeric chili powder ginger and garlic:: He continuously draws pictures of the creatures grotesque porcelain mask:: This is one of the most interesting and unusual chapters in the history of town twinning and therefore deserves a closer look :: I like you and all and there is no doubt that you are a looker but for right now at least I want to be your friend:: This test will fail if the abdominal musculature is very weak or if you are feeling through a diastasis recti:: Children who are overweight but not obese should be evaluated for other factors as well:: I looked at the doctor with penetrating eyes and declared Ill have this baby by midnight:: Except for when they told her she was pretty and could attract any guy she wanted:: There are more redheads in Ireland than in Nigeria:: Tolterodine is a recently introduced antimuscarinic agent which has a lower affinity for muscarinic receptors in the salivary glands:: Seriously the girls out there at the moment are just stunners I mean they must spend hours if not all day getting ready:: The Yorkshire Dales were also stunningly revealed in the film Calendar Girls which prompted a flurry of visitors:: This section passes through the four fingers the thumb having been seen for the last time in the preceding section:: I am Brother Joachim he announced in a voice like thunder:: When aligned the surgeon drilled into the medullary canal of the tibia and seated the tibial prosthesis:: Concentrate on exercises such as bicep curls tricep dips and shoulder presses:: I would watch the dark tanned bodies of fishermen untangling their seine getting ready for the toils of the day
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