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:: The judge Mr Justice Wakerley said he was sentencing them on the basis that the attack was not racially motivated :: The handymen described as small repairs technicians will carry out minor joinery plumbing and safety work for a fraction of the cost of a regular contractor:: Never check in the laptop as luggage keep it with you as hand baggage:: With age your kidneys become less efficient in removing waste from your bloodstream:: Additionally rarely will a new potential customer buy on the first visit:: The company is planning to sell or lease the mine and operate it using casual labour and new technology:: Officials said that the labourers lived in overcrowded conditions with no proper sanitation facilities:: For his part Okalik said his position on the human rights law remains unchanged:: she was opening her post:: Geraldine who organised the logistics of the trip said it was what she expected but the unexpected generosity of people along the way was an added bonus :: I thought I was writing the book for cooks and chefs and restaurant people in the New York area:: We own the chemist shop next door which includes two floors with a flat above:: How could anyone support this frankly ridiculous criminally dangerous reckless and rash point of view:: One I think the risk of postponing them is greater than the risk of having them but its going to be a close call:: Each summer the company invites a boatload of bright young apprentice singers all hoping for some quality stage experience:: These extreme situations provide an agenda for policymakers that students of strategy can address:: The actualization of motion through an aspect of the detached agent takes place when the detached agent originates an effect in the thing it sets in motion:: When we bought our house it came with many things an excitingly explosive stove for example but a properlyfenced boundary wasnt one of them:: His publicists have produced a film showing the veteran politician without the turban sitting for a haircut and watching football:: So I dutifully checked my vaccinations were uptodate typhoid tetanus hepatitis A and all the rest and resigned myself to six weeks of malaria tablets:: I told Janet that if I dont figure my problems out soon I will hand in my resignation :: The squirrel fem that was the command pilot of the second ship did not like this in the least:: Revenue problems will be dealt with separately through a general rate application in the spring:: to apply a name to sth:: What happens if some individuals are appointed to this authority who turn out to be absolute disasters:: I have been told they should have made an appointment before visiting and I am not obliged to tell them anything
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