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:: The wards which had to be closed were a mixture of general medical wards orthopaedic and a stroke ward:: The evaluation of suicide risk is a challenging clinical task:: We would never be able to make it without the number of student volunteers and interns :: However the best event of the meet was reserved for three in the morning:: The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the setup of a local Farmers Market planned for the near future:: He also gave an interview with a Dutch radio station the web audio transcript of which a Dutch friend kindly located for me:: :: This month I look at books to help librarians in the technical aspects of their jobs:: Thoroughfares in and out of the cities are lined with innocent looking hairdressers and beauty parlours:: She authored many bestselling books including Forever Young Forever Healthy:: Moreover the piece only refers to a concrete physical setting twice:: Little wonder that these machines are proving to be so popular with physicists :: Sadly the mix isnt a great one given the sheer volume of dull tracks on offer that quickly blend into one monotonous sound:: In general cutbacks do not hit the huge bureaucracy involved in the provision of state services:: While the network is years away from establishing a primetime schedule complete with its own brand of original programming PAX is making inroads:: Small businesses and traders are expected to be hit hardest by the ban with skilled mechanics losing work:: The coaches pick these players on the basis of their talent skill and ability to work as a team:: Those who did the skilled work had to belong to a guild:: Document management technologies include digital imaging which uses scanners to digitally replicate documents:: They divided 100 students into groups of 25 and a tutor was assigned to each group:: a freelance press photographer:: His wife Caroline has worked as a clerical assistant just across the road at the town hall for the same time:: This was about the clerk of that parish whose wife used to wash the parsons surplices:: computer system:: Can we have more imaginative and creative solutions to this problem rather than moans and groans
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