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:: No matter what the student advisor tells you you can pretty much talk your way into any class:: the Prime Minister demanded an apology from the ambassador:: As the beauticians of the city watched in attention her fingers moved nimbly showcasing the latest in hairstyling colouring and snipping techniques:: Eileens bubbly personality makes her an ideal candidate for setting up such a group:: As regards the second condition peaceful relations have indeed developed among the consolidated democracies of the West:: She looked ahead and saw Llewellyn sitting at a desk writing something:: This movie didnt really need a script doctor but an acting coach sure wouldnt have hurt:: She said If he had had that first dole cheque on time my son might be alive today:: There are kids riding horses and dogs chasing sticks yet were all easy like Sunday morning:: the car can hold six people:: Their salespeople are always knowledgable about the stock and the prices are reasonable:: They have chosen to shed their heavy armor for loose and light garments such as our own:: They will be allowed to perform menial tasks that require no skill whatsoever:: The authors outline the history of organized labour in Canadian politics and the unique relationship established between unions and the party in 1961:: By the close of the century however exploration had been overtaken by partition and partition in turn by occupation:: civil partner:: They are so passionate about their football and it is beginning to show in the quality of the players:: It was in a yard surrounded by the same white picket fencing:: He is eagerly interested in anything scientific in nature and careless about the feelings of people around him:: Forensic scientists believe she was aged between 20 and 40 and a nonsmoker:: In the end I skived off to a side street and made myself as inconspicuous as possible so I could get up to date:: Children benefit from a stimulating environment within the home based setting which recognises childrens individual needs:: Its 120 clients include leading stockbrokers and financial services firms who pay an annual fee:: Still there are precious few companies that pay significant attention to how their employees feel about their supervisors or recognize how important that can be:: Many surgeons working in private practice and in cosmetic clinics would not meet these criteria:: While temping at a hedge fund an unregulated investment pool with lofty fees and milliondollar investment minimums I accepted a fulltime position:: The team welcomed a new player into their ranks albeit for only a temporary period
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