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:: Few poets write more than a handful of great poems which is why the same ones keep cropping up:: Her parents are still married but heavily focused on their lucrative careers:: He is currently a distinguished professorial lecturer at Georgetown University and the Catholic University of America:: Intensive animal farming of any kind is a disgusting business but intensive chicken factories are really repulsive and infinitely crueller than any kind of hunting:: Nowhere is that better seen than in the late twentieth century when the flexibility and intellectual entrepreneurism of the common law showed itself to be more than able to deal with the rollercoaster ride of modem life:: Patients expected competent nursing care and clear consistent communication and coordination between members of the healthcare team:: We also provide modeling support to the actuaries working on customized insurance products for insurers or large corporations:: He spoke clearly and personably and I felt immediately that I would have voted for him:: She opened a door to let her into a large room with cubicles everywhere:: In the shortterm we will change the way dentists are remunerated for treating patients:: whose break is it:: Its not a producer s record its made in the oldfashioned way:: An experienced guerilla fighter with a professional competence in civil engineering could think of a good deal more:: The pair had to adjust their probabilistic model to make the calculations more tractable:: The claims of seemingly legitimate analysts posting commentary online could not be ignored:: I wondered why the member had to seek leave to do that in this particular instance when the vote has not yet been put:: Aspiring pop singers from a Keighley school will perform in front of shoppers tomorrow:: This assumption is validated by observations of borehole breakout the formation of marginparallel normal growth faults and structural analogue modelling:: :: So dont dismiss surfing as a sport for Hawaiians and Australians only:: Cathy stared into vacancy seeing nothing:: there was a lack of communication between Pamela and her parents:: In direct to consumer advertising drug companies target advertisements for prescription drugs directly at the public:: The United Nations Commission on the Status of Women was tasked with providing advice to States on the implementation of the Platform for Action:: We were really poor and it is strange that you get so many players having an off game:: A rare breed in comedy intellectual rigour and the ability to crack hilarious jokes:: An action and proceedings ancillary to an action shall be commenced in the manner prescribed by the rules:: They will stock a huge range of toys at keen prices
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